Alchemist Bar Resumes Operation

The Alchemist bar has resumed operations, at least according to its social media handles.

The club announced that rhumba artiste Yaba shall be performing live on Thursday 9, a sign that they are back in business.

Last Monday, the popular Nairobi joint had its licence revoked by the county government due to allegations of racism. It has been a rough couple of days for the establishment as they have been fighting to clear their name.

Last Friday the bar’s management backed a statement from Emmanuel Murgor, the man behind a viral clip recorded in the club purporting it was racist, saying that the video was misleading.

“We met with Emmanuel and his advocate to discuss the incident on May 20th. He has acknowledged that the clip shared was misleading to the public and was not representative of what happened that evening and what we stand for,” The Alchemist Bar said.

The club said it had closed down to pave the way for the investigations.

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