Akuku Danger Appeals For Financial Support Over Medical Bill

Popular media personality Akuku Danger has appealed to well-wishers and fans to help him cover his medical bill amounting to Ksh. 823,000.

“I never asked to be in this position, half of this year has been months and months of hospital admissions due to sickle cell anaemia which has since drained me both mentally, financially and even physically and that’s why I come to you guys seeking help. It’s been challenging but I’m hanging in there. Msichoke na Mimi,” wrote a tired Akuku.

Comedian AKUKU DANGER detained at Nairobi West Hospital – See the bill he  accrued in two weeks after being admitted. | DAILY POST

Because of this bill, the former Churchill Show comedian has been detained at the Nairobi West Hospital.

“We have nurses and employees who need to be paid. In terms of assistance, Akuku danger was assisted when he came to the hospital. But we want to exercise the patient-hospital confidentiality until when we will offer an official statement on his detention,” said the Head of Communications and Marketing Vishal Sharma.

Akuku has been in and out of hospital for the better part of the last few months due to sickle cell anaemia condition which he was born with.

Akuku Danger detained in hospital over Sh823,000 bill

Speaking on the matter, his girlfriend Sandra Dacha also appealed for help from fans.

“The hospital has refused to accept collateral so that Akuku danger can organise his finances from outside despite having their collateral from the January bill, which has a higher value than the total bill. Anyone willing to help in any way, please reach us,” she said.

Their medical insurance card has cleared part of his bill.

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