Akothee Reveals How She Lost Millions On YouTube After Her Account Was Suspended

Kenyan artist Akothee has opened up on losing millions in the hands of dubious content distributors and youtube account managers.

This revelation comes after her account was suspended over copyright issues which were fueled by parody  Youtube accounts that have been posting her content as their own.

“I work like a dog , someone else pockets when spice stole my content uploaded my songs on different channels with a different name and collected my revenues with projects they din’t spend a penny on” she explained

The singer had earlier received a notification indicating that a copyright owner had claimed some material in her content before her account was terminated.

Akothee also blamed Ngoma who are her distributors for failing to take quick action over the matter.

The termination of her account has seemingly shaken her music career and she exposed some of the people who have been pocketing her money only to give her peanuts.

Other than distributors, Akothee lamented that her own manager used to take a large percentage of her money after she signed a contract with NGOMA only for her to later realize that she was not receiving her full revenue.

” I know I lost money from 2019 backwards since my management then pocketed all the money from my YUTUBE earnings” she stated

Her efforts to rebrand were also made futile after she paid an individual and tasked him with the job only for her to find out he was not a professional.

From her detailed revelation, Akothee has lost over 1.3 M in an attempt to stabilize her music career particularly her channel and she mentions how painful it is for her account to be wrongfully suspended.

Apart from Akothee, another personality who has been dealt the same blow is comedian Flaqo whose account was also suspended for similar reasons.

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