Akothee: I Spend Over Half A Million Every Month To Maintain My Homes

When we speak of wealthy Kenyan artists, Singer Akothee is among the top on the list and does not shy off from taking pride in that fact.

Other than owning lavish homes, the mother of 5 has several investments and businesses that earn her good money which tops up to her music business income.

In her latest post, Akothee revealed how much she spends to maintain her houses as she addressed the men who would possibly be interested in dating her.

According to Akothee, she spends over half a million for maintenance charges of her homes and a man who would wish to be her partner should be ready to help carter for such expenses.

“No man can side chicken me unless he can control this empire with his pocket, Any man coming into my life ,just know these homes costs not less than 500,000 ksh a month to maintain,if at all we have to share costs.

“We haven’t talked about going for holidays or school fees, saloon and stuffs AKOTHEE THE GOAT OF AFRICA. It’s not show biz this is reality” she stated

The mother of 5 also hinted that being wealthy gives her the confidence that no man can play games with her unless he is richer than her.

Focusing on her wealth, Akothee in a past interview revealed some of the most expensive items she owns including rings worth 5 Million Kenyan shillings.

Even with her lavish lifestyle, Akothee is among the personalities who have greatly given back to society through her foundation ‘Akothee foundation’.


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