Akothee: How To Deal With Social Media Pressure

Kenyan singer Akothee has shared tips with her fans on how to avoid getting depressed as a result of social media pressure.

In a well-explained post, Akothee highlighted several questions that people should answer in regard to their life and what they desire to achieve in order to keep themselves in check.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?
1. Who Am I🤔🤔 ? ( Identity)
2. Where do I come from Background check)
3. Where Am I right Now ( position/ situation))
4. Where do I want to go ? ( Destination)
5. What do I want to do in my destination? ( your purpose in life )

The mother of 5 further warned those who compare themselves with what they see on social media.

“Life is not a marathon, life is a journey, No one is living a perfect life, don’t die a photocopy of how other people set standards of living their lives social media can sell anything be careful  media or fake lives,” she stated

She also emphasized that people should remain focused on their journey instead of feeling the need to do what others are doing.

According to Akothee, the secret in overcoming such pressure of constantly seeing people selling ‘fake’ lifestyle online is to honestly answer the questions to achieve a peaceful life.

“Be sincere enough to answer these questions, you will realize you are not depressed, you just don’t understand yourself and living other people’s lives or to other people’s expectations.

“If you answer the 5 questions above correctly. You will find peace within and without “ she concluded

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