Airbnb Dos and Don’ts Every Kenyan Should Know

following the recent shocking reports of gruesome murders in Airbnb, Kenyans should learn the dos and don’ts before booking a house.

The allure of Air Bed and Breakfasts, providing modernized lodgings for relaxation and socializing, has been tainted by instances of violence and danger.

Here are a few tips to observe to improve your safety;

  1. Trust Your Instincts: Listen to Your Gut

When interacting with others, especially in unfamiliar environments, it is essential to trust your instincts. If a person raises suspicion or makes you uncomfortable with personal inquiries, take a step back.

Prioritize your safety over potential awkwardness and gracefully disengage from the situation. Trusting your instincts is key to avoiding dangerous predicaments.

  1. Exercise Caution with Travel Companions

When planning to share an Airbnb with a romantic partner, whether married or not, exercise caution. Ensure that you and your companion are on amicable terms before making any bookings.

Any lingering doubts or concerns should be addressed before entering a shared space. Trust your instincts, and if something feels off, reconsider your decision before proceeding.

  1. Inform Someone You Trust About Your Plans

Never book an Airbnb without informing a trusted friend or relative about your plans. Share details about the location and purpose of your stay.

In the event of an emergency, having someone aware of your whereabouts can be crucial for quick assistance or intervention.

  1. Avoid Booking with Acquaintances of Short Duration

Exercise prudence when considering sharing an Airbnb with someone you haven’t known for an extended period. Even if the purpose is purely social or based on mutual interests, treat new acquaintances with a level of skepticism.

Prioritize safety by selecting easily accessible locations and avoid compromising situations where your security may be at risk.

  1. Practice Responsible Alcohol and Drug Consumption

When traveling with companions, be mindful of your alcohol and drug consumption. Excessive consumption can impair judgment and make you vulnerable to theft, harassment, or worse.

Maintain awareness and control over your intake to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience without jeopardizing your security.

  1. Assess Mutually Beneficial Arrangements

In the pursuit of shared accommodations, be vigilant against financial manipulation. Particularly prevalent among certain social circles, it’s essential to ensure that the arrangement is mutually beneficial.

Avoid falling victim to individuals seeking to exploit your resources. This precautionary measure can help prevent potentially harmful repercussions stemming from misunderstandings or betrayals.

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