African Lullabies Part 2 – Reasons Why We Love It

African Lullabies Part 2 is finally out! Produced by multi-award-winning label Platoon, this 12-track project was done in celebration of Africa Month. This children’s music series has top talents from around Africa who include: Karun, Asa, Ayra Starr, Teni, Simi, WurlD, Olayinka Ehi, Tresor, Manana, Aymos, and Ntsika.

The full tracklist is as follows:

  1. Psalms of Suli – Hello Little One
  2. Teni – One Day
  3. Simi – Iya Ni Wura
  4. Karun – Dream Lullaby (Wakarirü)
  5. Tresor – La Vie Est Belle
  6. Olayinka Ehi – Sweet One
  7. Asa – Little Darling
  8. Ayra Starr – Stars
  9. Aymos – Lullaby Song
  10. Ntsika – Busuku Benzolo
  11. WurlD – Never Alone
  12. Manana – In The Morning
African Lullabies Part 2

Below are the top reasons why we are in love with African Lullabies Part 2:

It is authentically African but with an urban flair

Most of the recordings in Africa Lullabies Part 2 are original compositions by the artists, drawing from their experiences in parenthood, and African folklore. Others are interpretations of previously released material arranged and re-recorded as lullabies with an urban sound.

Speaking on this, Nigerian Singer WurlD asserted, “It’s important for more African Lullabies to be made. There’s so much more we can do in music and this is one of those aspects. I can’t wait to see more lullabies in the African community and I hope that this inspires more people to create African lullabies.”

The songs are beautifully soothing

Without a doubt, the tracks in African Lullabies part 2 live up to the standard of lullabies. From their beautiful arrangement to the intricate lyrics, and soothing vocals, the songs are not only divine but also well thought out.

African Lullabies Part 2 is bigger and better

While African Lullabies Part 1 largely focused on original compositions sung by South African singers in various languages, Part 2, gets better as it goes beyond South African borders. Consequently, it creates a diverse offering of children’s music in various African languages for babies on the continent and in the diaspora. 

Immense and diverse talent

The slow and soothing nature of the songs allows the singers to flaunt their vocal abilities. In addition, the singers also showcase other sides of their songwriting skills by creating music for babies and not their usual adult fans.

Confirming this, Kenyan singer Karun said “It’s really cute to have been asked to make a children’s song. This is my first children’s song, I never thought I would. I really enjoy making calm, relaxing music so this made sense. Never saw children’s music as something that I would do but given the opportunity, it’s something that I would jump on. I have a son and I like kids, it’s a cool challenge.”

The African Lullabies Part 2 songs are available on popular music streaming platforms. Stream them here.

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