African Couture & Streetwear Hits The Runway At The East Africa Textile & Leather Week

The East Africa Textile & Leather Week (EATLW) went down last week at Sarit Center, ending with a Runway Kenya, Mega Fashion show courtesy of Couture Africa. 

Ruled by Grand African couture, bold colors, casual wear, and sustainable and conscious fashion, ten designers showcased the best East Africa has to offer when it comes to fashion. 

African Couture is King on Runway Kenya, Mega Fashion show

It comes without question that African couture is likely to dominate an East African runway show, and designers proved that African couture is King. 

Delight Technical College presented Grand Men’s and women’s African couture. 

The showcase kicked off with a grand black gown with African flags at the helm, and beads all the way to the top, with a signature African hat to complete the look.    

The Delight Technical College went on to present a creative, colorful, unexpected, and innovative collection. 

Casual Trends on Runway Kenya

For everyday dressing, ZEDFOUR presented cut-out blazers with side pockets, to casual zip-up skirts.

Inspired by streetwear, the designer Shamal said he came up with the line to cater to what the market needs. 

“Since the youth are into corduroy material, that’s what I’ve decided to focus on,” he said.

Shamal, the brain behind the streetwear said the casual wear line has been ongoing for a little under a year and people are picking it up well.

Ethiopian designers Kabana presented their line consisting of outfits and bags with an infusion of leather.  

And finally, Occasions and Days delivered pieces you can pull at work and at events, the designer presented colors and elegant outfits with cutouts and of course African prints. 

The showcase highlighting men’s and women’s wear definitely didn’t disappoint, delivering options to consider for special occasions and everyday wear.