Adelle Onyango’s New Capsule Collection Honors Her Late Mother

Given her style, her public persona and her ever growing brand name, it seemed only natural that KISS 100 personality Adelle Onyango would take some kind of detour into fashion.

She has. But of course, fashion with a purpose.

She has come out with the Anyango Capsule Collection – a project that she embarked on alongside a number of creatives and its purpose was a way for her to honour her late mother, Mary Onyango.

Adelle says that she took some of her mothers characteristics that she aspires to, and alongside her team, helped to bring them to life: “I teamed up with Pauline Cosmetics for the limitless lipstick, Nairobi Apparel District for the jacket and powerful women badges and Olive-And-Annie for the strength necklace.”

The jacket in particular, brings out the force of a woman: “I want you to feel POWERFUL when you wear this jacket; when you’re going through something tough – I want it to serve as a reminder for you,”

She recently unveiled the jewelry line ‘Strength’ which sold out on the week of its launch, but that can be ordered from her website

The last piece is a lipstick line branded Limitless: “It’s to honour the most important person in my life who I’ve always wanted to immortalize and share with the world in my way – my late mum! I’ve wanted to do it for two years…!”

Watch the making of the first piece on the #Anyango line:


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