Adelle Onyango Signs Book Deal That Will Highlight The Rape Culture in Kenya

Adelle Onyango is not new to many, she became a celebrity thanks to her powerful voice and radio career which has been an elevation in various aspects.

The radio queen who decided to take a rest from radio embarked on several solo missions including a podcast that is doing pretty well at the moment.

Adelle is known to be a voice for the voiceless when it comes to matters rape, the media personality opened up to her fans about how she was raped and how it affected her life in a big way.

Choosing not to let the rape incident destroy her emotionally and mentally, she like many rape survivors has lived to tell her story and encourage many young girls who have gone through the same ordeal.

She urges ladies not to give up in life as rape is not the end of life, soldering on is never a choice.Yesterday through social media, Adele announced that she would be co-authoring on a book with J.J Lanj Ouko the founder of a bureau that aims to transform Africas contemporary issues through gender justice policy reform and intervention.

She signed the book deal which will see the two document her voice and that of other rape survivors.

“I’m so excited to finally share that I signed a book deal!!⁣ I’m co-authoring a book with J.J.Lanji Ouko @lanji0who is the founder of @crevitmulier_ ! I’m so glad I get to work with Lanji and an org that’s as passionate about ending rape as I am.⁣
It’s such a special book to me as it unites & amplifies voices of survivors of rape such as myself. The writing journey so far has been beautifully tough as I have had to revisit some dark chapters of my life but it also showed me the intentional healing I’ve done over the years – of which I’m incredibly proud.⁣

It’ll be out later this year and be the core to strategic projects thereafter that seek to break the cycle of injustice & stigma!⁣” Adelle wrote.