Adelle Onyango On Exit From Traditional Media, Getting To Podcasting And Making Money Off It 

Back in 2019 when Adelle announced her exit from Kiss 100, the obvious move would have been getting a gig in another mainstream platform.

Full-time podcasting didn’t seem like her next step, however, the media personality immersed herself in her podcast ‘Legally Clueless Africa’. 

Recently Adelle gave insight on her decision to venture into podcasting, saying she reached a point of being done with traditional media. 

How Adelle Onyango got into podcasting

Adelle revealed she stumbled on information about podcasts and found the concept intriguing and enjoyable.

She revealed upon researching podcasting, she discovered that the needed equipment was easily accessible.

“The more I read about it, the more accessible it was even in terms of equipment and so I thought why not?” Said Adelle. 

Adelle also shared it wasn’t lost to her that the podcast would provide her a platform to share her experiences following her departure from a high-profile job.

“When I first started the podcast, it was me just thinking ‘Am I the only one who is wondering what this life thing is all about?” said Adelle. 

She added she immersed herself in the process and genuinely enjoyed it.

Adelle Onyango on making money from podcasts

Adelle also said it is possible to make money off of podcasts, stating podcasters can generate income directly from their podcasts and indirectly through various monetisation tools, adding …

“Having a high-quality product will attract advertisers to collaborate with podcasters, leading to the opportunity to monetize the podcast and generate income in the process.” She concluded.