Adelle Onyango Launches Video Series For Her Podcast, Legally Clueless

Media Personality, Social Activist and Podcaster Adelle Onyango is taking her podcast Legally Clueless to a whole new level through her new video series. The series which launched today began with a bang by featuring the 1st Black African female hot air balloon pilot, Captain Smiles.

In this episode, Captain Smiles shares her powerful story about her journey as a Hot Air Balloon Pilot and fulfilling her dad’s final wish.

According to Adelle, there will be a new video every Friday for this series on the Legally Clueless YouTube Channel. Apart from Hot Air Balloon Pilot Captain Smiles, this month’s line up is set feature Lifestyle Youtuber Jay Take A Pic, Blogger Ciiru Mwangi and Artiste Manager Anchie Ng’inja.

Legally Clueless which has provided a platform for many young Kenyans to tell their stories has grown tremendously since its inception. Last year, the podcast got a coveted spot on Trace Radio where it airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am, making Adelle the first East African radio presenter to have a syndicated podcast. The former Kiss FM presenter’s podcast was recently featured on CNN’s Inside Africa Documentary.

Currently the podcast boasts of having over 100 episodes which have covered numerous topics such as Relationships, Careers and Mental Health among others.

Congratulations Adelle.

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