Adelle Onyango Launches A Podcast Series ‘PursePective’

Former Kiss FM presenter Adelle Onyango has launched a podcast series titled PursePective.

The radio queen recently resigned from Radio Africa-owned station, Kiss FM in a bid to focus on impacting communities through her initiative – Adelle Onyango Initiative – which aims at empowering women and youth.

The podcast is meant to drive gender equality, women empowerment and inclusion. Each show, Adelle together with a panel of guests will tackle ways in which we can all promote a more equitable society.

“The narrative of the podcast is based on the premise that in the patriarchal nature of society, men have a privileged hand and many times do not even realise it,” Adelle noted.

“The aim of this podcast is to bring this to light, highlighting for men the privilege they may take for granted,” she added.

PursePective creates a space where women can talk about their experiences as they relate to gender equality, and men can objectively respond with their perspective.

“The podcast is a platform to not just tell the African woman’s story but to get men to understand what it takes to be the modern African woman and the social intricacies involved.” Adelle further explained.

Come Tuesday, June 25th, PursePective will premiere at a two-hour live viewing which will be held at K1 Klub house. The viewing will feature a 60-minute panel discussion followed by a 60-minute Q&A between the guests and the show’s panel members. 

The premiere and future episodes will be posted on Adelle’s social media platforms in both podcast and video form.