Adelle Onyango Blasts Shaffie Weru and DJ Joe Mfalme For Normalizing Sexual Violence On Air

Media personality Adelle Onyango has come out to strongly rebuke radio presenter Shaffie Weru and DJ Joe Mfalme for normalizing rape culture and sexual violence on their show today on Homeboyz radio.

The two media personalities, while addressing the issue where a girl was thrown off the 12th floor of a building by her Facebook date, gave solutions on the things the girl could have done to avoid being in such a situation. For example, they suggested that women should avoid alcoholic situations with men as men are ‘misbehaving’.

During a time where there has been heightened gender-based violence against women and rape as well, Shaffie’s words left a bad taste among listeners.

“This is quite sad that on a national platform you would normalize sexual violence. Its sad that instead of having a candid conversation about the male aggression women face when they say no (so many women have been killed and raped for this), you would instead blame women and tell us what we are doing that warrants being THROWN OFF THE 12TH FLOOR.”

Adelle continued by adding that their unacceptable actions put the blame on the victims.

“My heart goes out to other survivors who have to interact with this and to Eunice who has to hear her lived experience be reduced to banter,” she concluded.

The actions by Shaffie and DJ Mfalme have since gone viral and caused an uproar from Kenyans from all around the country.

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