Add Some Vibes To Your Home With These Easy to Care for Indoor Plants

House plants are definitely a vibe everyone must experience- some already have from their grandparents homes or even there own homes . They not only enhance appearance of your living space but also boost your mood and creativity!

The idea of having a house plant may be tedious but worthwhile. Here are some of the easy to care for house plants that will fit right with your busy schedule;

Snake plant;

The leaves to this are typically stiff and spikey. The plant is known to be hard to kill, for it can stay up to a month without watering. It also thrives well with indirect sunlight. You can place this in shady corners to add some action to them and it’s an ideal décor for the bedroom- as it converts carbon dioxide to oxygen at night.


This trailing vine is able to withstand minimal light conditions as well as over and under-watering. You can keep pothos at any corner, near a window, or on a shelf.

English ivy

Perfect plant for your humid environs, the plant isn’t really for moist soil but thrives more in moist air. You could place it on a mantel or a shelf and let its long tendrils hang from it. You can also make topiaries with this plant!

Aloe vera;

With its preference for indirect light, aloe is perfect for a spot on your desk or bedside table. Water it every week or two for optimal growth. It can also be placed near a sunny window periodically.

Spider plant;

The needs of a spider plant are simple. The plant needs moderate sunlight and watering once a week. Place  the  plant in hanging baskets and hang them near windows but avoid direct sunlight. You can also hang them in balconies that don’t get direct sunlight.

Echeveria/ Desert rose;

Succulents are common houseplants nowadays – could be because of how small many of them can be, their adorable outlook and how easy it can be to care for them. Place your echeveria on your window space or balconies to ensure they get enough sunlight (or they will stretch out) and to decorate your window space especially if your curtains are subtle.

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