Acts Of Kindness! Jalang’o Pays Rent Arrears For A Fan

Earlier in the week, a young man went viral after asking Kamene Goro and Jalang’os help to settle his rent arrears.

The 21 year old man, took a photo of himself holding a chart requesting the Kiss 100 morning show duo to help him settle his 18k rental arrears before the landlord kicks him out.

The comedian caught wind of his plight, paying his rent arrears in full.

Jalang’o and colleagues promise to cater for Papa Shirandula’s daughter school fees

Felix Odiwuor, AKA Jalang’o is not only known for his talent but his generosity as well, recently offering to pay school fees for Papa Shirandula’s daughter, at the first year anniversary of the actors’ passing.

During the commemoration, media personality Jalang’o alongside former Papa Shilandula’s cast promised to cater for Papa’s youngest daughter school fees until she completes school.

Jalang’o also came to the aid of Joseph Kinuthia, famously known as Omosh, helping him raise money, food and build a home.

“Look for ways to push Yourself” Jalang’o.

After the much needed help, Jalang’o urged the young lad to push himself.

“I will pay your rent, that is not the problem. The Problem is, after this then? Look these people around here, all they have is a phone and they are doing something. You have to look for ways to push yourself. You don’t have to peg your life on somebody else. Because once you paid for this, you will go to the house, what else are you going to do? Don’t look for easy ways in life,” Jalang’o advised.