Actress Marjolein Blokland Explains Challenges She Faced For Being Mixed Race

Actress and fitness trainer Marjolein Blokland has opened up on some of the challenges she faced growing up as a mixed-race kid in the Netherlands.

Speaking on Pinky Ghelani YouTube show “What Women Want”, the former Nairobi Diaries actress revealed that growing up, she believed she was white despite being half Kenya half dutch.

“It’s been a mix of both cultures/societies when I came here from the Netherlands sounds silly but I thought I was white and I wanted to be white. You see mixed kids now than you did then in the 90s.


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“I did not see colour all too much and I hang out with white people and I thought I was white. Then I came to Kenya and as I remember it was quite a shock because I was used to seeing white people and now there are black people everywhere and I had to get used to that,” Blokland said.

She further revealed that even after moving to Kenya and going to Braeburn International school, she still counted herself as white.

“I remember I would flat iron the living daylights of my hair till I had split ends from here to Tokyo,” she added.

Getting mocked by her friends forced her started embracing her true self.

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