Acne Awareness Month! Skincare Enthusiasts Share Their Journey

Did you know June is Acne Awareness Month? Yes, that’s right! Over the years, Instagram influencers, bloggers, and content creators have been portrayed as these beautiful, perfect people. They show off their perfect skin and makeup to thousands of followers, and as a result, anyone with “imperfect skin” feels intimidated and embarrassed to show off their real skin because they do not look a “certain way”.

During this year’s Acne Awareness Month, several skincare enthusiasts celebrated the month by spreading awareness about acne skin. A majority of them talked about their acne journey, demystified acne myths, and the importance of focusing on achieving healthy skin over perfect skin. Some of our favorite skincare enthusiasts include:-

Sandra & Stephanie – A dynamic duo of skincare enthusiasts whose love for skincare drew them to create their Instagram page @glowwiths. In their own words, they are our big sisters but like for skincare, lol! I know.

In honor of Acne Awareness Month, Sandra shared images of her skin, illustrating her acne journey. She said, “I hope that by sharing such intimate pictures of my skin, I’m able to inspire someone to trust the process and not feel alone.” On the other hand, Stephanie reminded us that with or without acne, we are gorgeous and we should not let anybody tell us differently. Additionally, she urged us to take time to learn about our skin and invest in it, to listen to it and it will do us wonders!


Atika Vanessa –Commonly known as @the_atika on Instagram reminded all the acne-prone skin babes of the importance of self-care. Throughout her experience with acne, she learned the importance of not giving up on her skin and that patience is key! Most importantly, she urged acne-prone skin babes to follow people with the same skin problem as themselves and not compare their skin to what they see on social media.

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