is an online magazine covering the best Kenya has to offer in entertainment, music, film, art, fashion and lifestyle on the continent and beyond.

Who We Are

We grew up in a media landscape that overwhelmingly described Kenya in negative terms. But that negativity didn’t describe the reality we grew up in. Kenyan culture is buzzing and blooming and we want to change public perception of our beloved KE by spotlighting the positivity we’ve been surrounded by – one story at a time.

Our Story

We started out as an event production company in Los Angeles, hosting and producing events for the Kenyan diaspora community and bringing Kenyan artists recognition in the U.S., including Nameless, KleptomanixBambooLongombas, Jua Kali, and Nonini. After noticing a lack of stories on Kenyan and African culture in the media, we decided to launch in 2009 to fill that void. Our team currently splits its time between Nairobi and New York City, enabling us to keep in close touch with what new and vibrant, both in Kenya and across the diaspora community.

Join the Team

At the moment, we’re specifically  looking for entertainment reporters interested in contributing to our fashion, film and/or culture sections.

However we are always on the look out for writers, curators, and creatives of all types, so if you’re burning for Kenyan culture and feel that you have something to say about it, drop us a line at

Necessary Skills & Qualifications: 

  • 1+ years publishing online stories
  • A passion for influencing others, having your opinion heard and telling positive stories that positively impact Kenyan culture
  • Ability to meet deadlines and communicate in a team environment
  • An extreme amount of love and understanding of Kenyan culture
  • An understanding and love for using and communicating via social media