Abbas Kubaff Makes A Comeback, Announces New Area of His Musical Focus

After a hiatus from the music scene, Kenyan rap icon Abbas Kubaff is making a return, unveiling a new direction for his musical endeavours.

In an exclusive interview with Amina Mohammed, Kubaff revealed his intentions to explore uncharted territory in his music and collaborate with like-minded individuals to push boundaries.

“So I’m trying to mix what people haven’t heard of. Music is about the sound you invent. I want to concentrate on that. I don’t want to do diss tracks and everything. I don’t want to diss people because there’s so many things happening. I want to keep people informed as well as entertain and educate. I’m an entertainer. I’m working with anybody who is really progressive and is down with the same vibe,” Kubaff expressed during the interview.

With a firm commitment to innovation, Kubaff said he aims to steer away from the conventional and embrace experimentation.

His focus lies in crafting unique sounds that captivate audiences while also delivering messages that resonate on a deeper level.

“I’m appreciative of any sound. If it sounds good to you, then I’ll take that sound and remix it and bring it back, making sense because we hold it down in Kenya. I appreciate every sound and want to work with anybody who’s progressive,” Kubaff emphasised.

Notably, the rapper’s declaration marks a significant departure from his previous work. Interestingly, he has announced upcoming projects with diverse artists such as mugithi acts.