A Year Later, Ethic Is Still Soldiering On And Doing It Impressively

They went from “oh, they got lucky” to “they wouldn’t be able to maintain it” to “now these kids are talented and saving Kenyan music.”

In just a year, rap group Ethic has completely dominated the local scene and it seems they aren’t about to stop anytime soon.

The group has released it’s new banger “Chapa Chapa” which has quickly taken over the trending list. The song, which was released on Friday, has already collected close to 400K views on Youtube.

Chapa Chapa, like many other songs from the Ethic, is about nightlife, street life and of course sex. The song is also deeply coded in Sheng that only a selected few can decode and relate.

However, despite the Eastlands-influenced jargon, it seems everyone still loves the group’s music and are given them full support as they continue pushing Gengetone, the new Kenyan sound on the streets.

Watch the song below:

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