A Staycation Affair At Nairobi’s Woodmere Apartments 

“Give a girl her close friends, wine, food and a beautiful location to spend some time in and watch her unwind classily.” 

With a global pandemic upon us, we are being pushed to come up with creative ways to relax and catch a break. How about a staycation? You really don’t need a reason to want a staycation but there are many reasons you may need one. For us, we thought it would be a good plan to cheer up one of our girls, celebrate an upcoming birthday and to also have a creative’s brainstorming session. Yup, we had an agenda for this girls staycation. 

After identifying, Woodmere Serviced Apartments located in Kilimani, as the spot we could all easily and conveniently access, we packed our bags with all the outfits we had missed wearing due to being homebound and headed out for a two night stay at one of the accommodation’s most lavish apartments. Getting the four-bedroom suite was literally the best thing we ever did. 2 storeys, 4 rooms, 6 beds, self-contained kitchen, living room, a fireplace, dining area and a balcony. Trust me, some people had to be coaxed to explore the rest of Woodmere.

We each arrived at different times and everyone’s reaction was exactly the same. The space is so inviting, the wooden aesthetic really gives off a serene cabin type of vibe. Once the sleeping arrangements were settled pretty civilly we unpacked and got ready for dinner.

Well, maybe we should have called this a foodie’s staycation coz we had an amazing food experience lined up. This was made possible by brands we had been wanting to try out such as Buon Italia and newly founded SISI Kitchen and The Dinner Box Ke. Having a wine expert (Wairimu) among us also meant that wine had to be in the mix. The wine we enjoyed was from The Together Store Kenya and our host Max. We brought along some Brown’s Food Company Cheese too because we were feeling bougie. Apart from the pictures we shall talk about each of these brands separately. The Woodmere staff also had the loveliest BBQ for us on our second day.

There is more to this charming spot than just the apartments, they offer a great deal on poolside barbecue as mentioned (it’s a cute poolside spot to hang out and is open to the non residents too) a sauna and a convenient store.

The property was first built in the 80s and has been expanded so thoughtfully. Talking to Max, who manages the apartments, we learn a lot of personal stories about the Woodmere family and even random items. We get to meet one of the carpenters who has worked there since it started and who handmade a lot of the fixtures. Woodmere feels like home with anecdotes like Item X is X years old or exactly when certain trees were planted. Does anyone else love those kinda stories?

We have high key been planning a redo of this experience because it needs to be a regular plan for sure!

For more info and bookings: https://woodmerenairobi.com/

Co-written and snapped by: WendyWangui
Additional images from: StyleNerdsJournal


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