A Simple Skincare Guide For Different Skin Types

In my previous article, I talked about the essentials of a skincare routine. However, I got a question from one of my social media followers; does my skin type determine the type of skincare product I should purchase? The answer is an absolute yes! 

The essentials of a good skincare routine consist of a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Here is a simple skincare guide for each skin type:-

PS: Normal skin is not included because they can use anything. God’s favorites, lol!

Oily Skin

To avoid unexpected breakouts and prevent acne, oily skin people should avoid any product that would clog their pores. If you have oily skin, you can always use a gentle foam gel cleanser, a gel moisturizer, and a cream-gel or fluid sunscreen. Gel-like products will ensure that your skin stays internally hydrated.

Dry Skin

Dryness is usually caused by the lack of natural moisturizing factors that promote moisture and the lack of epidermal lipids, which help retain moisture. Therefore, dry skin people can enjoy skincare products that give them extra hydration and moisture. Dry skin can use a hydrating cleanser, a cream (hydrating) moisturizer, and a moisturizing emollient sunscreen. Cream-like products will ensure that their skin stays hydrated and promote moisture.

Combination Skin- Oily

As mentioned in this article, combination skin is usually a result of sebum overproduction on some parts of the skin, which causes the t-zone to appear oily, and the cheeks to appear dry. To ensure that your skincare routine helps combats all your skin needs, you can invest in a gentle gel cleanser, a hydrating lotion moisturizer or gel moisturizer, and a fluid or lotion sunscreen. 

Combination Skin- Dry

In some cases, one can have a normal-dry combination skin, where the skin experiences dryness in some areas of the skin and appear normal in others. If you have such skin type, you can invest in a hydrating cleanser, a cream-gel moisturizer, and a moisturizing sunscreen.

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