A Simple Guide On How To Apply Facial Masks At Home

One great way to pamper your skin is by investing in facial masks. Facial masks are a great addition to your skincare routine as they help target specific skin concerns. Facial masks can either be wash-off or sheet masks.

Masks can aid in your skin’s hydration, improving the appearance of pores and the removal of excess oils. The benefit of facial masks is dependent on their ingredients. Facial masks can either provide higher concentrations of elements to balance, hydrate, or plump the skin.

Here is a simple guide on how to apply facial masks at home.

Before applying your facial mask, ensure you clean your face with a mild and gentle cleanser.

Apply your mask with your fingertips to your entire face and avoid contact with your eyes.

Pat the mask gently on your face. Do not rub roughly to avoid irritating your skin.

Remove the mask by rinsing it off (if it’s a wash-off facial mask) and avoiding scrubbing it if possible. If it’s a sheet mask, ensure you apply everything else in the packaging after you remove the sheet mask. Remember: Don’t leave your facial mask longer than the recommended time.

After rinsing, pat the skin to dry, do not rub.

Lastly, finish off with the rest of your skincare routine.

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