A Simple Guide For An At-Home Facial

At-home facials are an excellent way for one to pamper themselves during the weekends or the holidays. With how busy the weeks can get, at-home facials can serve as a way to unwind and recreate a whole spa experience from the comfort of your home. Facials help unclog or decongest the skin after a long week of minimal or no proper care.

 Here is a quick guide on how to give yourself a spa-like facial at home:-

Double Cleanse

It’s the process of cleansing with oil-based and water-based cleansers, one after the other. The oil cleanser draws all the sebum, pollutants, and SPF residue, which might get stuck in your pores to the surface of the skin. The other cleanser then works to remove all the dirt and grime at the surface of the skin.

Facial Steam

Facial steaming helps cleanse the skin by opening your pores and loosening any dirt build-up for deeper cleansing. It also helps promote circulation and blood flow on the skin for healthy glowing skin. Facial steaming also helps keep your skin hydrated and stimulate collagen and elastin production.


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Apply a Face Mask

Face masks primarily help in adding more moisture to your skin by keeping it hydrated. They also aid in refining large pores and improving your skin texture.


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Apply Facial Oil

Sealing all the products with facial oil helps retain moisture and adds extra nourishment to your skin. It also helps promote healthy glowing skin.

Finish Off With A Massage

Massaging your skincare products will help them absorb into the skin properly and also promote blood flow circulation. Tools such as a jade roller are a good fit if you find it difficult to massage with your fingers.

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