A New Way of Bringing Order and Sophistication To Your Space

Baskets are quickly becoming a must-have home décor and organization item in many homes. They come in various shapes, materials, and sizes. This makes them have versatile uses that can be custom-made to meet individual needs. Below are simple ways to use baskets for a beautiful and well-organized home:

Kitchen and Pantry

The kitchen is a room that requires a lot of organization. That is why the importance of baskets in this room should not be overlooked. Baskets can be used to store anything in the kitchen. For example, spices on the countertop, excess food in the pantry, food in the fridge and freezer, etc.

Entry Way

A cluttered entryway is an eyesore. Using Furniture such as entryway benches and console tables brings order to the space. However, adding baskets under the bench or console table to store day-to-day use items like handbags, shoes, etc. add order and sophistication to the space. Additionally, use a basket beside the furniture to neatly store wet items such as umbrellas and gumboots. Smaller baskets store tiny and easily lost items such as keys.


Wipe off the cliché ways of storing clothes in your closet. Add a layer of uniqueness to this space by using baskets to store items such as accessories, nightwear, and undergarments among others. Furthermore, different colored baskets distinguish storage spaces for different types of clothing. Consequently, this makes it easier to find items in the closet.

Laundry Room and Cleaning Supplies

Instead of having dirty laundry laying around the house, you can use baskets to keep them neatly organized. Use baskets to store cleaning supplies. Moreover, separate different types of cleaning supplies using different colored baskets for more organization. Alternatively, the now popular rolling baskets are a viable option as they are easy to move around the house during cleaning.

Living Room

Baskets used in the living room are commonly decorative. Nevertheless, the baskets can still be aesthetic while serving a purpose. Baskets store away media and electronic items such as books, remotes, CDs and chargers, extra linen such as throw blankets, etc.


Instead of complaining about the limited storage options in your small bathroom, why not incorporate baskets? They came in handy when storing personal hygiene products such as bathing soap, shampoos, and skincare products among others.


Baskets can improve the storage and décor situation in the bedroom. This is done through under the bed baskets that are used to put away bed linen and excess pillows and small baskets used to store make up and brushes on the vanity desk, etc.

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