A Look Into The Collaborative 5Lenses Art Project

5Lenses is what happens when different art forms are fused together. It is an exhibition project curated to showcase various art pieces of collaborative work by 5 female early-career multidisciplinary artists from Kenya and the UK. The pieces explore different themes such as mental health, self-identity, growth, and healing.

If you are curious to know these forms of art merge into art pieces, there will be an exhibition of the creations at The Mall Basement Westlands from 17th February 2023 to 4th March 2023.


Organized by self-taught artist April Kamunde (5Lenses Project Lead) and curator Yvonne Nyawira (Collaboration partner and curator) through a British Council Grant, 5Lenses had the 5 artists challenge one another to develop their artistic conceptual skills.

“The 5Lenses concept was born out of my need to develop my own conceptual artistic skills when I was contemplating the decision to transition from formal employment into full-time artistic practice in 2020.” Says April Kamunde the 5Lenses project lead.

The participating artists include Adikinyi Otsomo Kondo (Photography), Victoria Thuo “Blaine” (Painting), Elnah Akware (Sculpture), Lynn Atieno (Digital Art) from Kenya, and Ozioma Ihesiene (Written Word) from the UK. According to the organizers, the exhibition will showcase 21 pieces of work that have been in creation for the last 6 months.

L-R 5Lenses Artists Elnah Akware, Victoria Thuo, Adikinyi Otsomo Kondo, and Lynn Atieno

“This iteration of the 5Lenses project is in response to the under-representation of female artists in East Africa, aiming to amplify less heard voices while leveraging their collective resourcefulness.” Adds exhibition curator Yvonne Nyawira.

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