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12 January of 2019 by

King Kaka Feat Tracy Morgan – Royalty

This jam is off the freshly released album, ‘Eastlando Royalty’, and it features American actor and comedian Tracy Morgan who does some justice on the adlib inserts. King Kaka raps about his career and path to stardom while killing all other rappers on the way. The video was shot in New York with cameos from Hot 97 interview, hosted by Ebro and Laura Stylez. This single jam elevates Kaka’s respect and visibility internationally.

Ethic – Instagram

Viral group Ethic is working hard and adding on to their catalog of hits. The newest release ‘Instagram’ really bangs from the production point, edgy flow, vivid storytelling and overall confidence. The group still uses deep sheng to describe escapades they go through to get women but now the battle is online via Instagram. Trust me I went through the jam several times and I cannot fully comprehend the entire lines but they got a vibe.

Alvindo – Taka Taka

This was one of the viral cameos from December 2018 in which Alvindo was so mad at a chic for not rocking to his vibe. Initially, the jam was a 30 seconds clip but he got support from KRG The Don to record an entire jam. He stays on the hilarious topic of dissing his crush and he pours his heart out on this. This jam is a comic story on a beat and you should listen to have a laugh.


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