A Look at Roles of Talanta Hela Council Committees Chaired by Churchill and Carol Radul

On 10th February the ministry of youth affairs, sports and arts in a Gazette notice revealed the establishment and appointment of members of Talanta Hela council.

Talanta Hela Council has been established to revitalize sports and the creative economy.

The council which has two technical committees, Sports and Creatives, chaired by Carol Radul and Churchill, has members who will implement the committee’s mandates for the next three years.

Sports Technical Committee to establish framework to monetize sports, expand employment opportunities and grow the economy.

Chaired by Carol Radul, the Sports Technical Committee members include …

Boniface Ambani, Julius Yego, Neddy Kutsuru, Alfred Makotsi, Sammy Tiyoi Shollei, Collins Kale, Kevin Mutai, Shilovelo Winna Shilavula, Daniel Nakeor Losiru and Staicy Shariffa Ochieng.

The committee’s mandate includes considering and proposing legislative and policy measures for the growth of sports, supporting the Kenya Academy of Sport (KAS) in running a nationwide program for identifying, developing and marketing Kenya’s best sporting and creative talent.

The committee will also deploy the digital space in talent search, identification, nurturing and exposure and manage the annual bottom-up football tournament for grassroots teams.

Other roles of the committee include aiding the process of Kenya bidding to host top regional, continental and global sports events, advice on the master plan for upgrading sporting facilities and infrastructure countrywide to international standards.

And developing a framework to establish Kenya as a destination of choice for sports tourism under Ministry’s flagship ‘Sports Safari initiative’.

Creatives Technical Committee to propose reliable systems for collection and distribution of Artiste Royalties.

Chaired by Daniel Ndambuki AKA Churchill Creatives Technical Committee members include…

Akinyi Odongo, Jimmi Gathu, Catherine Kamau, Esther Akoth, Kizito Makhande, Azziad Nasenya, Rosemary Wahu Kagwi, Awadhi Salim Awadhi, Douglas Kipkirui Langat and Susan Ekasiba.

The committee wil propose reliable systems for the seamless and accountable collection and distribution of royalties.

Propose implementation frameworks for the national creative economy plan, manage the National Creatives Awards dubbed ‘Kenyan Grammys’, and establish a robust framework to monetize the Creatives sector to expand employment opportunities and support Kenya’s economic growth.

The committee is to develop a framework to anchor and promote Kenya as a top film making destination as well.