A Look At Kenya’s First Major Art Auction

Art Work By Michael Soi

Source: OkayAfrica

In celebration of Kenya’s first major auction of East African art (held this past month in Nairobi) we rolled out some of our choice pieces from the Circle Art Agency event. 47 works (from 43 artists across 6 East African countries) were up for grabs. The auction has been hailed a huge success, with 90% of all pieces sold for a combined Ksh18.5 million ($216,000). Kenyans accounted for over half of all buyers. Above we showcase paintings from East African artists the likes of Michael Soi, Sane Wadu, Fitsum Berhe Woldelibanos. For more on the auction and upcoming Nairobi art events head to Circle Art Agency.

Artist: Allan Githuka. Kenya Election Time


Artist: Eltayeb Dawel Bait (Sudanese). The Spirit of Faces

Artist: Joseph Bertiers (Kenya) The World’s Craziest Bar

Artist: Rosemary Karuga (Kenya). Untitled

Artist: Sane Wadu (Kenya) World Trade Center New York Series

Artist: Richard Kimathi (Kenya) Mongooses

Artist: Tonio Trzebinski (Kenya). Untilted


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