A Look At How Kenyans Celebrated Valentine’s Day

Now that Valentine’s Day pomp is settling down, it’s time to look at the biggest lover’s day celebrations in Kenya yet.

A spot-check in Nairobi on the 14th of February had the city painted in the rich red, as lovers went all out to impress each other, clearly incomparable to such a day last year.  

Netizens were also not left behind, as ladies shared how their men showered them with bouquets of flowers, money, cars, and other gifts.

The day represented much more to others as some Kenyans took the opportunity to mark ‘Dark Valentine’, holding a nationwide vigil to highlight recent femicide incidents. At the same time, restaurants and brands came together to make the days wholesome at the end of it.

A Friends-Themed Valentine’s Day in Photos

Later in the evening lovers, friends and loved ones spent quality time out, and we were at Mawimbi Seafood Restaurant taking part in an unforgettable night.

The experience, a collaboration of Mawimbi’s “Indecent Proposal” and Tusker Ciders’ “Cheers to our real ones” campaign saw revelers treated to a picturesque romantic ambiance complete with a delectable dinner menu and Valentine’s themed cider cocktails.

Entertainment included an all-night serenade by the Siluette band’s crooner and saxophonist, soft music by DJ Jay Jey, and a stunning dance performance.

The night saw a host of attendees including couples, groups of friends, solo dates, and birthday celebrants who enjoyed enchanting moments and surprise treats of welcome cocktails, flower bouquets, and gift hampers.