A Look At Eric Omondi’s Distinctive Style

Eric Omondi is a celebrated Comedian, dubbed the President of comedy Africa.

Eric has had success in comedy, performing at Churchill Show, having a successful run with his show; Eric Omondi untamed, and hosting live shows across Kenya, in the East African community, and even abroad. Recently he performed to an audience of 46,000, at Uhuru stadium in Tanzania.

The comedian has a large following in social media and loves making fashion statements – his outfits are definitely captivating.

Here’s are some of his stunning fashion essentials, with designs, and inspiration you would spot on runways.

Leather on Leather

Leather on Leather is a big trend, and it has been all over the Runways this year.
Eric gave that Rock star vibe, pairing his leather pants, with a leather Jacket, plus a pair of dark sunglasses, and some chains to complete the look.


African fashion has been at the forefront of trying to reframe the narrative about the continent, making fashion statements through creativity and color. Eric made a statement with a red African print.

Here, Eric brings his bling and sparkling game

The comedian is not scared of a little sparkle, pairing, glittered black pants, with a loosely fitted grey shirt, and animal printed boots. The outfit is designed by Melina Gold.

Flair with Sheer

Finally, Eric challenged the perception of traditional men’s wear, donning a sheer jumpsuit, with a yellow scarf.