A Glimpse Of The Tribal Chic 2024 Designers Line-Up

Nairobi’s foremost fashion event, Tribal Chic 2024 is set to go down this February. This year, the showcase will feature an impressive lineup of both local and international design talents. Under the “African Royalty,” theme, the event aims to tell Africa’s rich captivating story.

Here is a look into the Tribal Chic 2024 designers:


AfroWema is an ethical and sustainable fashion brand with its roots in Kibera. As a social impact brand, Afrowema actively contributes to the empowerment of artisans within this community. It also fosters new employment opportunities through the utilization of both new and recycled local materials. AfroWema’s guiding motto is “Save the Planet with Style.”

Aulgah Nato

Aulgah Nato is a distinguished and multi-award-winning fashion brand. It is renowned for its exceptional creations in women’s wear, bridal attire, and, more recently, its introduction of ready-to-wear collections. Nato has firmly established itself as one of Africa’s premier fashion labels, consistently setting new standards with each collection.


1407Style is a Nigerian brand with a universal appeal, embodying androgynous fashion. Founded by Ugochukwu Onukwubiri, who continues to serve as the creative director, the brand aims to provide accessible and affordable pieces that endure the tests of both style and time. Over twelve years in the industry, 1407Style has garnered a dedicated following and attracted collectors, establishing its presence both locally and internationally.

Safarahh Designs

Safarahh Designs draws inspiration from life along the Kenyan coast and a passion for timeless fashion. Their designs seamlessly blend lightweight natural fabrics with elegant designs, inviting women to invest in high-quality clothing for all their summer holidays. Each meticulously crafted design is handmade with a focus on longevity, utilizing sustainable and enduring natural fabrics like deadstock Italian linen and Kenyan print cotton, coupled with classic cuts that define our distinctive style.

Nashipai Leather

Established in 2022, Nashipai Leather is a Kenyan brand that finds its roots in the Maasai language. “Nashipai” translates to joy. Inspired by the indomitable spirit and vitality of the Maasai people, with whom the founder Cindy Kwak resided for a decade, the brand embodies the essence of joy and strength in its craftsmanship. Nashipai Leather is committed to the principles of slow fashion and meticulous craftsmanship, evident in every piece crafted with saddle-stitching precision.

Studio Namnyak

Studio Namnyak seamlessly blends craftsmanship with the extensive technical knowledge accumulated by founder Namnyak Odupoy through years of experience in the industry. The brand specializes in crafting contemporary capsules that echo the communal spirit of Africa. Studio Namnyak aspires to create pieces that resonate with its customers.


Derived from the Swahili word for traditions or ideals, Itikadi is a modern fashion brand for both women and men. Their mission is to enhance the African aesthetic through limitless creativity and innovation. Drawing inspiration from art and culture, we strive to interpret these influences in a contemporary manner.

Okana Couture

Okana Couture is a Kenyan-based clothing brand that specializes in creating African-inspired modest wear for women on the global stage.

Reinas Gowns

Reinas Gowns is a thoughtfully curated collection of gowns available for both hire and purchase, catering to a variety of events such as photoshoots, music videos, baby showers, pageants, galas, and red-carpet occasions. Our most sought-after choice among customers is the rental option.


Wakianda is a dynamic creative space that encourages exploration and experimentation across various mediums. Driven by the imperative to pioneer innovative sustainable development for climate action in the fashion industry, Wakianda Studios leverages fashion technology, incorporating 3D printing, 3D technology, and culturally sustainable upcycling and recycling methods to establish an intricate circular system in fashion.

Kiarie Afrika

The Kiarie Afrika, is one of hope and overcoming fear. It stands for the African woman with a voice, the one who is seen, and the one with a seat at the table. Kiarie Afrika embodies hope for other women seeking to rediscover the queen within themselves. The pieces are authentically beautiful, crafted with love, and driven by a passion to inspire confidence and empowerment.

Ankole Luxury

Ankole Luxury stands as a sustainable handmade Kenyan brand that pays homage to the artistry of local craftsmanship, infusing it into every meticulously created piece. Specializing in exquisite jewelry crafted from ethically sourced materials, including repurposed horns, brass, and semi-precious stones, our brand champions the celebration of natural beauty and the uniqueness of these materials.

Bana the Brand

Bana the Brand, curated by the visionary Mohamed Bana, stands as a paragon of sophistication and creativity in the vibrant realm of Kenyan design. With an unassuming and approachable demeanor, Mohamed’s enduring love for art, colors, and fabrics has blossomed into a fervor for crafting fashionable attire characterized by simple elegance and timeless designs.

Aert Fashion

Aert’s designs delve into patterns, textures, and colors, consciously selecting garments and products that prioritize both the well-being of their clients and environmental considerations. From an early age, the founder, Ilhan, initiated the development of her signature prints—graphic, abstract designs that swirl in an explosive mix of colors. Drawing inspiration from the world around her, Ilhan’s work is influenced by art, design, the beauty of nature, motifs, sunlight, sea weaves, and optical illusions.

Tribal Chic 2024 goes at the Tribe Hotel on 3rd February, tickets are available on TicketSasa.

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