A Glimpse Into Skincare Enthusiast Maureen Bandari’s New Beauty Store

Skincare enthusiast, fashion blogger, and lifestyle content creator, Maureen Bandari, has now a new title to add to her list as she recently became a beauty store owner. The blogger, Maureen Bandari started her skincare and makeup, Bandari Beauty (@bandaribeauty), as an online business years ago. Over the years, her love for skincare grew which drove her to have online skincare consultations with her customers who have any skin concerns.

Maureen has managed to influence thousands of her followers by showing women that through the right skincare products, they can achieve healthy skin. Through her educative Instagram posts and videos on skincare, she has helped a lot of women gain knowledge on how to better take care of their skin and find skincare products tailored for their specific skin concerns.

For a long time having a physical store was one of Maureen’s dreams. Although skeptical of how it’d come to pass, she still held on to her dream.

“If someone ever told me that a hobby and a ‘side hustle’ I had would turn into this, I wouldn’t have believed them.” – Maureen Bandari

She candidly spoke about the journey to owning her physical store as hectic filled with late nights but beautiful. In her own words, Maureen said that she learned that in life one has to believe in themselves and when you start a project, you’ll surely finish it.

Bandari Beauty now located at Greenhouse Mall along Ngong Road is one of a kind store or as Maureen describes it, a safe haven, where you will get to share with their visiting dermatologist your skin issues and they’ll surely walk with you. Additionally, you’ll get one-on-one skincare consultations, makeup tips, and purchase makeup and skincare products.

Here are some pics as seen on Insta:-



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