8 Pro Tips To Create A Natural, Undetectable, Sun-Kissed Makeup Look

A natural, undetectable sun-kissed makeup look is the way to go, especially when you do not feel like wearing too much makeup. It is more skin-like and gives you a soft luminous glow on your skin. If you struggle with creating a natural, undetectable sun-kissed makeup look, here are eight pro tips to help you achieve it, especially during this festive season.

Deeply hydrate using dry beauty oil. Hydrating the skin before makeup application helps give the skin a natural glow and plump. For a natural, sun-kissed makeup outcome, use a beauty oil to create a dewy base for a healthy glow. It helps give the most natural-looking definition.

Use liquid or cream highlighter before your foundation. A liquid/cream highlighter helps give the skin a natural glow. It provides that ‘glow from within the skin’ finished look.

Use multiple foundation shades that appear in your skin tone. If you take a close look at your skin, you may notice that you do not have one skin tone. Before starting your foundation application, ensure that you identify the different tones on your face, then use multiple foundation shades to achieve the most natural skin-like finished look.

Use the deepest tones along the perimeters of the face. The edges of the face are mostly darker than the inner parts of face. Therefore, applying the deepest tones on the outer parts of the face adds more depth to the skin to make it look more natural.

Color correct any darkness before adding concealer. Color correction helps camouflage pigmentation on the skin, especially under the eyes. It helps create a more neutral canvas.

Use concealer shades close to your skin tone. A concealer close to your skin tone will give you a more natural appearance.

Use cream contour instead of powder. Powders tend to give a more dramatic and chiseled look instead of cream contour. Cream contours provide a minimal and more natural finish.

Use cream contour to shape the eyes, nose, and lips. To enhance the eyes, nose, and the outer part of the lips, you should cream contour them for more dimension.

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