8 Kenyan Fashion Bloggers You Need To Follow

Nancy Mwai, Maureen Bandari, Lucia Musau are some of the fashion bloggers/ vloggers well known in the country. A few years ago most were dismissed for taking this career path but today this is what puts food on their tables.

Many have managed to build brands for themselves, scoring huge partnerships and sponsorships to even travelling around the world out of it. All showing how different style has evolved, take a look at some of these beautiful women and men that we absolutely love. Who among them is your favourite?

The Dapper Brother

He is one of the few male fashion bloggers in the country and true to his name he really is dapper, I mean just check out his fashion sense.


Nancie Mwai

She started her fashion vlog and now has her own fashion store. She has a huge following and her fans simply adore her.


Lucia Musau

She has won several blog awards for her sophisticated style; this has also opened many doors for the mom of one who loves what she does.


Maureen Bandari

Maureen is one of the few fashion icons that hails from the coastal region.


Olav Arthur Mburu

Olav is an award nominated lifestyle and fashion blogger who loves showing off different fashion styles that many men fear stepping out in.


Liz Madowo

Liz is the younger sister to journalist Larry Madowo. She loves documenting her style in and around the world and is great at what she does.


Geek on fashion

Not only is she a blogger but vlogger, she loves showing her fans how to achieve different styles in-front of the camera be it hair, beauty or fashion related.


Fashion Fabled

She describes herself as the alpha queen and is steadily rising in the fashion industry. Her posts ooze confidence and style.