8 Common Decor Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Decor or decorating a new space sounds like a fun exercise to partake in. This is because it allows one to create a space that suits their lifestyle and showcases their creativity. However, when decorating your space below are common mistakes and how to solve or avoid them altogether:

Using dark furniture and walls in small spaces

Small spaces are not exactly the easiest rooms to decorate. However, using predominantly dark furniture, walls, and other décor items are not recommended. Instead, go for bright paint on the wall, brightly colored furniture pieces, etc. This will allow light to bounce in the room thus creating an illusion of space.

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Hanging décor items to high

Different décor items need to be hung a certain way in order to create a cohesive space. Placing a chandelier too high will disconnect it from the other décor elements in the room. Avoid hanging wall art closer to the ceiling and hang them at eye level instead.

Buying too much décor items

When it comes to décor, less is more. Too many décor items tend to cause clutter which messes the visual appeal of the room. At times the crowding of items can even mess with the functionality of the items. For example, excessive throw pillows, are not only appealing but also interfere with the functionality of the seats or beds on which they are placed.

Failing to measure a room

Before purchasing the furniture to place in a room, take the measurements of the room and plan accordingly. Failure to do so will result in bad choices in the sizes of important items such as couches, beds, cabinets, rugs, tables, etc.

Buying matching furniture

Most people probably grew up in the matchy furniture era. However, matching furniture pieces makes a room look bland and uninspiring. It is tempting to get a set of matching dressers, beds, and nightstands for the bedroom. However, mixing up the furniture pieces will add a touch of individuality, instead of having a room similar to a furniture showroom.

Overdoing trends

Trends come and go and while their importance in interior design can’t be overlooked, it is important to proceed with caution. Instead of buying lots of trendy or seasonal decor items that will soon go out of style, invest in timeless pieces that will stand the test of time.

Arranging furniture against the wall

Many people arrange their furniture against the wall to create space, but more often than not, this arrangement always makes the room look crowded. Arrange like furniture closer to each other to create a more intimate conversation and cohesive space.

Overdependence on overhead lighting

Many people forget to layer the lighting in their rooms. Overhead lighting is very important however most times it is very harsh. Therefore it is very important to layer the light by using table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, etc. This will add an element of coziness and functionality to the room.

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