7 Ways to Highlight Your Face like A Pro

Cosmetics has moved from its initial purpose, which is enhancement of beauty – to giving us the ability to “shapeshift”. Now don’t get that statement wrong, the talent of make-up application some of you have is very well appreciated.

Back to beauty enhancement, a highlighter is a shimmering product that reflects light. It is used to add a smooth finish to your make up look, give you some glow and make your facial features pop! Here are spots to highlight your face;

Nose bridge and tip

Highlighting your nose bridge and tip complements your nose contour making your nose appear slimmer, straight and longer.

Your cupid’s bow

After applying your lipstick, highlight the cupid’s bow to get on some Rihanna lip vibe. Highlighting your cupid’s bow will give your lips a fuller look.

Below the arch of your eyebrows

This is below your eyebrow and just above your eyeshadow. This highlight spot opens up your eyes and complements the eye make-up . It also gives your eyebrows definition.

Above the arch of your eyebrows

Highlighting above the arch of your eyebrow is as important as applying it below. This will define the shape of your brows.


This is the most common spot everyone doesn’t miss out on- it’s like already keyed into us. We love getting our cheekbones popping!! This adds a dimension to your face thus giving you a more defined, contoured facial structure and a youthful look.

The center of your forehead

Contouring the center of the head gives you a contoured face and for those with small foreheads-this will make your forehead appear longer. A bronzer is perfect for highlighting your temples to contour your face.


Highlighting the chin helps to broaden a narrow chin, an important part of having a completely contoured face.

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