7 Vegan-Friendly Restaurants to Order From Today

Isolation is proving to be a challenging task, however, it is teaching us discipline, teaching us the importance of health and keeping ourselves safe and alive. As we stay home, it’s highly advised that we keep to a healthy living style, let’s watch what we eat and how we eat.

Here are seven restaurants that serve delectable vegan dishes, you may want to make an order as you kick start the healthy eating journey this quarantine period.

Harvest Restaurant The ambience in this particular restaurant has forever been enticing. However, their services are worth more praises and their foods really worth every cent. Located at The Village Market, the restaurant is opened daily from 8 am. They serve a delightful array of vegan-friendly foods, we highly recommended trying the Ricotta Spinach Raviolli that goes for Ksh.1200 you can include a white wine or better yet a fresh juice serving.

Tin Roof Karen Located at the House of Treasure, this is a hidden gem with a menu of the legends. Tin Roof serves a vegan dish loyally with its topping dishes being the vegan wraps that go for an affordable price of Ksh.950 (Fancy way to keep healthy). The restaurants open from 8 A.M through 5:30 P.M. They are taking orders, therefore try that healthy dish today!

Chowpaty Famous for being a vegan hub, Chowpaty hardly goes wrong in the vegetarian zone. Every serving has word on street as worth the feed. Located in Shimmers Plaza Westlands, be sure to make your desired order as they equally do home deliveries. The restaurant opens from 11 A.M.

Haandi Restaurant Ever heard the rumour Tawa Mushrooms Masala is served best at the Haandi? Yep, we here to confirm this. It’s a fact. Haandi restaurant is vastly endowed with vegan-friendly foods that range from Ksh.1200. Located at The Mall the restaurant opens from 12:30 P.M through 3 P.M, make your order today and share with us your thoughts on thee Mushrooms!

Inti –A-Nikkei Experience. We are going Japanese! The Food Library has consistently proven that they got the sauce! Inti that’s located at the One Africa Place is not only sight beholding but their servings cut across every diet. The Vegetable Tempura that goes for Ksh.1050 is one of their most recommended Vegan delicacies. Feel free to contact the restaurant to know what time is an ideal to make an order.

Habesha Has any meal really ever disappointed at the Habesha? Nop! This is because Ethiopian food is not only delicious but extremely favourable to every preference. Habesha is located at the Argwings Kodhek Road and opens from 9 A.M. The most delectable vegan dish would be the Fasolia that goes for Ksh.950. However, you can also try the mixed dish of injera and have mixed veggies instead of any meat!

Sikia Fine Dining Located at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sikia Fine Dining has a menu for all folks to try out. They are known for their different vegan foods, we, therefore, recommend you give it a try and tell us which was your favorite!

Remember even when you make an order through the phone, make sure your hands are clean and away from your face. Do try the above dishes and feel free to share with us what’s good!