7 Tips To Effectively Work From Home

Working from home is a culture we didn’t know might need some form of discipline. A culture that might shock us or even at a given length frustrate us, however, worry not here are seven tips assured to making your working from home easier.

Keep a dedicated office space
Spotting a space you can regularly work from ensures a commitment to a work environment. While choosing this space be sure that it favors silence, has enough network, good WiFi connection and can separate you from other home activities.

Maintain regular hours as you would in the office
It helps to be psychologically prepared to dedicate your hours as you would in an office set up. Working from home does not stop the time you put into a job, however, it demands the discipline to ensure that your work hours from home still gets the job done.

Take scheduled breaks
Working from home is different as you can easily get distracted (I meeeaan that piece of cake in the fridge yoooh) or better yet extremely delved into work. It helps to have short breaks mainly to grab a HEALTHY snack or take a walk for a breath of fresh air.

Don’t be too hard on yourself
At the end of the day, your life/health matters more than the job. Don’t break yourself, maintain a balance and smartly get what needs to be done!

Socialize & communicate with your colleagues
It’s best to keep your colleagues way closer at this time, you will always need a loop on what’s happening, what’s needed and what’s not. Ensure your communication with your office deskmate is topnotch! Put them on speed dial if you must.

Keep away from distractions
We know you touch your phone more times than needed, keep it away. It helps keep away distractions and give your job the attention it requires.

Reward yourself
After a good day of work, award yourself with a good workout or if we are being realistic, a good ol’ movie that keeps you happy, and if you’re not a movie person, perhaps fixing of a snack or two might work, right?

As we get cultured to being far away from the norm let’s adjust in a manner that such change will create good and more balance. Stay clean, stay home and get the job done!