7 Skincare DIY Ingredients That You Must Avoid

Have you ever tried DIY ingredients for your skin concerns? I used toothpaste on my pimples when I had active acne, which was a big mistake. Instead of the pimples reducing, the breakouts became severe. Lesson learned!

If you’re getting DIY beauty tips from Google or Pinterest, you might want to proceed with caution. Here are some common DIY ingredients used as skincare but are irritating and lead to more problems.

Lemon/Citruses can cause sunburns and disrupt the skin’s pH. Citruses contain limonene that causes irritation and photosensitivity. Food molecules are too large to penetrate the skin, making sense when you seek the Vitamin C components in lemons. However, you are better off with an actual Vitamin C serum.

Walnut Scrub can cause micro-tears and inflammation. Physical exfoliants do not come close to efficiency as opposed to chemical exfoliants. Walnut scrub is abrasive, thus causing more harm than good. Also, using scrubs on acne skin can only aggravate the acne.

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Black Soap is often too alkaline and throws off the skin’s pH compromising your skin’s acid mantle. Read more about black soaps here.

Toothpaste can worsen scars and dry out the skin. It contains ingredients that can easily interfere with your skin’s acid mantle, irritating, healthy skin. Toothpaste can also cause over-drying on your skin, resulting in more breakouts.

Hot water can dry out and irritate the skin. When you are cleansing or taking a shower, it’s always advisable to use lukewarm water.

Apple Cider Vinegar can erode the skin and cause chemical burns. Apple cider vinegar is a commonly used DIY ingredient that contains acid that, if used on the skin, causes more harm than good.

Baking Soda can damage the skin acid mantle and cause dryness. Baking soda contains high pH levels and, when applied to the skin, can strip it of its natural oil and leave it unprotected from dirt and bacteria. An unprotected and corroded skin tends to be sensitive to natural elements like the sun, resulting in breakouts and dryness.

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