7 Natural Hair Glam Inspired By Gorgeous Kenyan Celebrities

Most of us look to social media for beauty, makeup and hair inspiration. And who better to inspire us than our very own Kenyan celebrities and influencers. Scrolling through our IG this past week some celeb hair natural and protective hair moments caught our attention, taking us on a search for even more hairstyles that we may have missed in the past – but should definitely be remembered.

The Natural hair movement is here to stay and if these hair trends we’ve been seeing lately are anything to go by, then creativity is at its all-time high; as we have more fabulous options to pick from. It is super awesome to see how braids and braiding styles in the market keep evolving. Whether you are a full-time natural hair girl or not, here are some lovely hairstyles to keep in mind for your next salon visit.

Did we mention that Joyce Omondi actually DIY’d her own braids? And we think she nailed it!! Patricia is also kind enough to spill all the tea on her latest look that is called Rebel twists, done using a braid called Malkia. “I can honestly say that it’s a great hairstyle if you’d like one that tides you over for a long period of time. It also ages well and I actually like how it looks the older it gets.” She also points out that you can attempt to do this at home.

Check out our favourite picks!

1. Sharon Mundia

2. Joyce Omondi

3. Kambua

4. Patricia Kihoro

5. Natalie Tewa

6. Phoina

Winnie Odande

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