7 Nail Spots In Nairobi Worth Checking Out

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The older we get the more fastidious we become about the quality of services we expect when getting our glam on. A number of beauty and nail parlors have caught our eye particularly due to their world-class standards.

What’s even better is how the often young, nail technicians, use their Instagram accounts to show off their work and market themselves. Am I the only one who has a bunch of these saved in my archives?

If you’ve been eyeing someone’s nails and perhaps too shy to ask where they got them done or possibly doubted if they were done in Nairobi; we’ve got you covered!

Here are some of the places to check out. Our list may not be extensive but that’s the whole point. If we are missing someone who does bomb work, let us know and we shall add them …. we’d also want to know of other places outside Nairobi!

Consider These Spots For Your Next Manicure

  1. Phoina Nail Bar

Short stickons at only 1500/- book your session now,call 0711934358

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2. Primp and Coddle

Let’s face it, getting your nails done is a treat and sometimes you want to do it in a serene environment.

3. Luxe Nail Parlour


4. Pauline’s Manicures

#gel #gelish #frenchmanicure #stilletonails #glam

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5. Urban Nails KE


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Some of these guys did not come to play!

6. Nailtique Enterprises

Yesnails do grow #overlays #nailpro #nailsmaychmysmoothie

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7. Jameel Quincy

A statement manicure will set you back from as little as 1500ksh for stick ons, 3000- 5000ksh or more for acrylics. Trust me, it’s all worth it and lasts longer than a regular or even gel polish. Remember to book an appointment for your session as walk-in clients may have to wait in line to be attended to by the best! 

Isn’t it inspiring just how the beauty industry enables these young individuals to use their talents to stack up some coins!


Featured Image: Bloggers Viola & Yasmin at Phoina Nail Bar


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