7 Kenyan ‘Snacks’ That Never Grow Old

We all love our forms of guilty pleasures, and as Kenyans, we tend to find it difficult to let go of what we consider our to go snacks. Here are some Kenyan snacks that are never growing old

Chapo Smokie
I am pretty sure you are salivating at the thought of this. The chapo smokie concept which has been adopted in different institutions has become a snack that is not going away. Its accompaniment cut across juices, black tea or top it up with the famous Kachumbari.

The first time I heard of this I was unsure what exactly it comprises of.  Pasua that is an andazi and fries combo is another to go snack many are guilty of partaking when hungry or in need of a filler before the main meal. Depending on your taste, pasua can involve different accompaniments as well.

Mahindi Choma
Now you understand why those choma stands are an important legacy. The mahindi choma ‘fetish’ in Kenyans is not about to be history. We all know when we are stuck on traffic and see the choma guy we always hope the chili accompaniment is near. 

Mahindi Chemsha
Not falling far from the cousin choma, mahindi chemsha (boiled maize) is another delicacy that runs the city in a low key manner. The snack that goes for an affordable Ksh.20 is one for the books. Chemsha is equally a traffic jam pass by snack as its easily accessible from vendors depending on the area.

Mutura Kachumbari
If you know you know. Mutura Kachumbari is another that leaves a majority of us salivating. The combo in this snack is shockingly delicious. Many could attest that one can never have enough of this mouth-watering snack that ranges from Ksh.20 all through Ksh.200. The snack is accessible in different areas as well. Kahawa sukari people can relate.

Chipo Mwitu 
We all know how street fries has been the in thing. The fries that are found in different joints and need no queuing have existed longer than most of us. Chipo mwitu is not only cheap but easy to purchase. Nothing special about this, perhaps it’s how they are cooked, how simply they are packed and how the vendors sauce the fries for you with no measure.

Smokie Kachumbari
We all know when we see the smokie stand around town or wherever place and want to stop. This snack that must and should always be accompanied with kachumbari and the very famous Choma sauce ketchup will never grow old. It’s not only delicious but also served in wide ranges depending on preferences chili or not.