7 Kenyan Podcasts Worth Checking Out

The podcasts culture is taking over Nairobi – and in a huge way. Many young people have found the value of openly talking about neglected issues be it money, love, relationships and so on.

Here are seven podcasts you might want to keep up with.

JusKidding Podcast
Juskidding podcast hosted by Chaxy and Ayrosh, who are both very different in opinion and personalities, focuses on stories around upcoming stars in the society. The podcast which has interviewed the likes of Kioko from Kioko Art Gallery and Porgie from Mookh aims in telling stories that will create hope and encouragement for creatives. The shows are published every Sunday on YouTube.

Just Another Male Podcast
Also known as JAMP, Just Another Male Podcast involves two gentlemen Martie and Chege who speak of social current affairs, the hustle and bustles of being a man in the streets of Nairobi. It is a fun listen that can really get a boring day moving. Their shows are published on mix cloud.

Nipe Story
Derived from Swahili which means tell me a story, is hosted by Kevin Mwachir. The podcast brings African tales to life through audio narration. This is a good way to catch up with different folk stories within the African context. The shows can be found on sound cloud. He’s narrated stories such as ‘Taken For A Ride’ by Peter Kimani.

She Shapes The City
The podcast looks to appreciate different kinds of women in society today. It has featured women from different fields such as Caroline Mutoko, and its main objective is to inspire the young generation of women towards a better future. This could be a good pass time as its not only fun to listen to but highly informative. Highly recommended for young ladies.

Otherwise podcast aims at impacting positively through talks on current affairs. The podcast that is hosted by Brenda Wambui largely educates on cultural and political affairs in our country today. The shows are published on sound cloud, iTunes and stitchers

Afracanah is a fun, engaging lifestyle and culture podcast, hosted by two amazing women. The podcast highly focuses on current affairs within the African continent. And it’s looking to spread its wings through interviews with some of the most inspiring women world over. You’ll have a great listening as the ladies are not only cheerful but simply amazing to listen to.

Omenerds Podcast
It mainly focuses on growing up as a millennial in Kenya. The challenges, the opportunities, and the daily struggles faced. It’s not only a fun listen but equally a vibe that creates a good mood and tells of epic happenings that millennial go through on a daily. They bring in different guests who also contribute in fair share of fun and info. The shows are published on stitchers and iTunes.

Let us know of your favorite podcast that you think is worth checking out.