7 Kenyan Meme Lords That Will Make Your Ribs Hurt From Laughing

A meme is described as an image, video or piece of text that is humorous in nature; copied and spread rapidly by Internet users. Social media platforms such as Instagram have provided a fertile ground to create and share memes.

While most of us laugh and share memes daily, we are not aware of the creative brains behind some of these memes. Below are some Kenyan meme lords on Instagram behind some of the most hilarious memes that keep us laughing:

Karis Memes

Social media influencer Kariuki Kamau AKA Karis Memes, has over 235k followers on Instagram. His creativity and great sense of humor has earned him fans across Kenya.



His video memes especially those centred on music and ‘That Kafriday Feeling’ are hilarious. Popularly known as Kamenace, Denis Mwangi’s Instagram boasts of over 107K followers.


Larry Memes

The self-proclaimed Kenya;s Finest Memegrapher boasts of having over 69K followers on Instagram. His memes are addictive and you can get a taste of them via his Instagram handle below:


Gsongzsiloh Memes

With over 12K followers on Instagram, Gsongzsiloh is well known for using photos of himself to make memes. His memes cover various topics and are some viral memes in Kenya.

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Arap Memes

His special ‘It’s Friday It’s Arap’ memes have earned him thousands of loyal fans. His memes which are mostly in video format will leave your ribs aching. Arap memes currently has over 10K followers on Instagram.

Spikes TV

His creative memes make him a popular meme lord in Kenya. He currently has over 5K followers on Instagram. You can check out his content via his IG handle below.


Maina Ndegwa

His unique art of storytelling through memes has set him apart from his peers. His hilarious memes normally feature photos of Kenyan political leaders and will definitely crack you up. He has over 2K followers on Instagram.

They say that laughter is the best medicine, follow these creative minds to get a daily dose of a rib-cracking laugh.

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