7 Fun Indoor Things to Do in Nairobi on a Rainy Day

I’m not sure about you but a cold weekend does not really strike me as the kind to be defined as “LIIIIT”. Perhaps it’s a me-thing, however, in the mood of beating the June weekend chills here are seven things to indulge in aside from Netflix and chill 🙂

‘Expensive’ but cheap shopping

In a society where warm weather is part of the culture, you may want to take advantage and go light clothe shopping now! You will be surprised at the ongoing sales. August is not so far, it doesn’t hurt to get the best regalia this weekend. There’s never any harm in early preparation. Oh, but just remember to dress up warmly while at it. This is definitely not a freeze and shine moment.

House warming parties

House warming culture in our country is done strictly when one newly moves into an area. Who came up with this rule and why? Well, we are breaking the culture and for the record inviting friends over for a hangout or cookery – which is somewhat house warming. This weather is perfect for such, in any case, the many the merrier and the warmer it gets!

Fun outdoor activities
Wearing that big jacket and big boots maybe way out of line. However, killing time indoors in this weather is equal to eating all your food, using all your electricity tokens, gaining extra weight, etc. I guess what I’m trying to say is, there’s so much on offer out there from zip-lining activities to wine tasting. Better take up the chance life is too short and the weather should never be a stopper!

Cooking ‘classes’

Indoor cooking can be fun for some if not all of us. This is indeed the idyllic weather to learn how to make your traditional dish or any other kind of cuisine you have had in mind either with family or friends. Save up your cash by inviting your friends and politely asking them to tag along with ingredients in any case you are the one providing the kitchen right?!

Go to karaoke

Singing our hearts out is a necessity especially for women – I’m not so sure about the men. Karaoke joints have an extremely warm welcoming ambiance, if not to sing then tag along with your friends for a good cheer and a good laugh.

Old movie train catch up!

There’s Netflix and then there’s catching up with the old blockbuster movies. The likes of Leon 1994, the first anaconda version – it’s a whole list. Whether we like it or not, the 90’s kids were big on Mr.Bean and Scooby Doo so invite your peers for a good laugh and a good time. You can thank me later!

Expand skills (the fun kind)

The weekend is indeed the best time of life. Majorly because responsibility is on you. This makes it easier to choose exactly what you would like to do. Many people never know what skills they are amazing at until they try. Its the perfect time to grab that pencil and draw, perhaps that paintbrush to change your wall colors. If not, toss around your house and re-arrange or write those lyrics, you never know how cool it gets, after all, you’re only as young as you are today.

I don’t know about you but weirdly when I was younger I felt it was better doing Math in the cold weather, now that I think about it, I realize Math was just not my thing!! Feel free to share your cold weather to-do list with us!

Happy Weekend!