7 Easy Beginner Friendly Steps To Help You Elevate Your Makeup Skills

As a professional makeup artist, I get to work with many women who love wearing makeup regularly or even for special occasions. Many of these women tell me that wearing makeup makes them feel confident; it makes them feel like they can conquer the world! 

However, most struggle with their makeup application skills, hence why they do not mind paying an extra coin to a makeup artist to look glamorous. So here are some easy to follow steps that any beginner can use to perfect their technique. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Step 1- Primer

Primers can either be hydrating (best for dry skin) or mattifying (best for oily skin). Apply primer for a smooth, long-lasting base. 

Step 2 – Foundation

Foundations can be dewy (best for dry skin) or mattifying (best for oily skin). Additionally, they can also have sheer, medium or full coverage. Apply a small amount of foundation, and work in sections to build coverage where needed. A brush will give you more coverage, and a makeup sponge will pick up excess product.  

Step 3 – Concealer

Apply a concealer in areas you want to cover and brighten, such as the under-eye, forehead, and chin. Let the concealer sit on your face for a moment for maximum coverage. Then use a brush or makeup sponge to blend those areas.

Step 4- Powder

Powders can be compact powder or loose setting powder. Apply a powder to all areas of your face you want to set and reduce shine.

Step 5- Bronzer

We use bronzers to warm up certain areas of the face. Apply bronzer on your cheekbones, forehead, and jawline. Using a fluffy brush helps to give a flawless finish.

Step 6- Highlighter

Place highlighter in areas where the light naturally hits for an increased glow.

Step 7- Setting Spray

Lastly, apply a setting spray to ensure the longevity of the makeup. Setting sprays also help melt all the product together for a flawless base.

“Hi. My name is Wambui.” I’m a Pro Makeup Artist and Beauty Content Creator. I love all things beauty, and I enjoy writing them down now.