7 Coolest Restaurants To Visit In 2020

Every new year is a good time to start off afresh: the food you eat, the places you visit, the clothes you wear – it’s always an opportunity to reinvent yourself. However, here are some few eat hubs we highly recommend you pay a visit this year.

Honey & Dough

The urban gourmet feel has never been well represented. The very ornate H&D is still one for the books with its rich natural ambience. Located at the one Africa building you may want to pay a visit to be served not only the best clay oven pizzas but also a natural view not worth forgetting.

CJ Village Market

You know it’s good when it mushrooms in every area. CJs that’s known to serve a broad array of delicacies has stretched its tentacles to the distinct Village Market area to bring food life to its zone. If you’re down for a pan-seared or mushroom soup in eye-catchy plates and great servers you’re in for a good time, definitely a must-visit this 2020!

Artcaffe CBD Area

Artcaffe’s new branch at Kenyatta Avenue left us all excited, anything in the middle of town is a go-go. Artcaffe that’s culturally known for its vast menu is indeed one hub for everybody; foodie or not, veg or not – we all belong. So perhaps when in town, you could make a stopover and share a picture with us.


It’s CBD season whether you’re a junk or street food fanatic. Kukito, located along Kimathi street has painted an old culture serving technique that involves newspaper an old goldie kind of tactic we like. Also, their menu that cuts from chips and deep-fried chicken, chapati roles plus kachumbari is one for the must-have this 2020, if you’re not screaming yum from inside, are you even Kenyan?


Mexican yaaay!! Well, the only thing I prolly find exciting other than taco is tacos. Lucky for us all Mercado is here to give us Mehico in a plate! Located along Ring Road this is an eatery for the lovers of international cuisine and the lookers of good lighting for the camera. A must visit this year.


The Peruvian Japanese restaurant is knocking on Kenyan taste buds and it’s definitely winging it. Thanks to the Food Library we can now safely say we are in it for the sushi. Inti that’s located in the One Africa building is one for the vast food lovers. The Japanese vibe in the restaurant not only gives justice to the ‘arigato’ culture but also has more to offer to the palate! If you can’t go Japanese maybe try the cuisine this year … also chopsticks culture is a vibe!

The Node

Call it an ambience magnet or a mood grabber and we would agree. The Node is vast in its serving from an inviting bar set up to its food mechanisms that cut across mouth watery cakes, this is a zone for everybody. Located along Waiyaki road this is an area worth visiting whether you want to party till you drop, eat till you stop or drink till you pop!!!

Happy 2020 people, also feel free to share with us the vibe you’re into this year especially with the restaurants you’re keeping up with!