7 Best Gift Ideas For Your Dad This Father’s Day

Families across the globe get to celebrate their fathers yet again this Sunday on Father’s Day. Father’s day is usually celebrated on the third Sunday of June which falls this weekend.

Fathers are described as the pillars that hold up families, protecting them from harm and the ultimate providers. They rarely get enough recognition for their role in this new generation of women empowerment hence why Sunday is so special for them.

5 things your father will love this Father's Day in Toronto

Shopping for a dad can be a task for most people as fathers rarely ask for anything. Coronavirus has also changed the way we celebrate loved ones in our lives but you can never go wrong with a gift.

Here at KenyanVibe, we have the ultimate list of gifts that will not only brighten your dad’s day but inevitably catapult you to the best child position in his eyes.

A Smartwatch & Fitness Tracker for Active Dads

Smart Watch, YONMIG Fitness Tracker IP68 Waterproof Men: Amazon.co ...

This is an essential gift for most fathers It is not only for the fitness junkies but also the ageing fathers who want to kick off their healthy lifestyle. Your dad will always remember you with his smartwatch on his wrist.

A pair of leather sandals

In typical African fashion, our fathers can never have too many leather sandals. This is a great gift idea especially if you’re shopping on a budget.

Grooming Kit

Amazon.com : Beard Kit Mens Grooming Kit (Styling Scissor + Single ...

Our fathers all appreciate a grooming kit with shaving cream, smoothing cream and a shaver as well.

World’s Best Dad Mug

Trust me, it’s not as cliche a gift as you’d imagine. These mugs can be found in most leading

Engraved pocket knife

Stanford Personalized Pocket Knife Gift Set

Pocket knives are handy for opening an envelope, cutting loose threads, or slicing a steak when he’s out camping. You know how dads love to be handy around the house and this is perfect for that.

Tech Gifts

Fathers and technology, am I right? Depending on your budget, you can get him a less expensive gift like a pair of earphones. If you want to go all out, you can upgrade his phone to a newer version or get an ipad.

A crate of beer

Most of our Kenyan dads like to kick it back with a cold one as they catch up on the sports. Since bars were closed, make his experience a reality at home.

There you have it, folks, now get to shopping before its too late. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

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